She has provided an easy way to prepare Ghanaian local drinks at home by introducing this product

Diana Nibelli is an entrepreneur in Obuasi, Ghana. Through her company Dee Elli Special local drinks, she prepares and serves healthy local drinks for events such as weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals and parties. She also sells these local drinks for personal use at home.

She recently introduced her newest addition, the powdered sobolo drink. Sobolo is the Ghanaian name for a drink made out of leaves of the Roselle (plant). It is called different names in different countries where the drink can be found, but it is generally referred to as Bissap She started her company 3 years ago in Obuasi.

“I am a person who like drinks but learnt about the effects of the fizzy drinks. So I decided to start preparing my own. But then again I also realized people do like our local drinks but probably adults would want to take sobolo, for instance, in tied rubber like we use to find in our community” she revealed to Wundef.com.








Preparing sobolo at home has now become easier thanks to her powdered sobolo drink. All that one needs is hot water to dissolve it and add sugar to taste. One can also add ice cubes or cold water if he prefers a cold drink.

“Our church priest was celebrating his 25th anniversary in priesthood so I asked if we could serve there and he gave us the go ahead so that was when it all started” she added.

She has served at ceremonies organized by AngloGold Ashanti, Leap schools and the  AngloGold Ashanti health foundation among others.

She hope to push forward her company to become one of the best in the country when it comes to the production of local drinks for events.

Though in Obuasi, she has sold her powdered sobolo drink to customers in Kumasi and Cape Coast.

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