Your Integrity should never be comprised for any price as a leader.

Being a leader of a group means you have to put your personal interests aside and forge on the interest of the group.

This can be very difficult at times but, hey, that is why you’re a leader!. You’re supposed to make sacrifices and sometimes very difficult decisions!

Some individuals who occupy top public positions seem to always forget about the main reasons they were put into these positions.

They rather get to these positions, create, loot and share the monies of which can be used for developmental projects in their various communities if not the whole country.

But do most of them care about developmental issues? I don’t think so! And I don’t fully blame them.

I partly blame the close family members of these individuals who occupy public spaces and behave poorly because if the family members trained or nurtured their member correctly, he or she will live properly in the public space.

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I get so disappointed in individuals who are corrupt. They make a lot of the citizenry lose hope in life by their actions.

I think it’s high time punishments for corrupt persons are made stiffer to dither others from thinking of doing same.

To end, I just want to say that, I’m so aware of the fact that, trying to live an authentic life in this 21st century era can be very difficult. But always remember to stay true to yourself. It is really important!

By Rachel Bulley.

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