Never lose your job!

No one fires an employee with exceptional performance. The primary reason people lose jobs is non-performance. Second on line is arrogance. At times employers will fire a high-performing individual who is not a team player.
Since being fired on non-performance is embarrassing, many job losers create juicy stories like…
“My boss wanted to sleep with me (go tell it to the birds). My boss is malicious. My boss is insecure with me. He wants to employ his relatives. Promotion here depends on who you know. I wasn’t fired – I’ve just found my purpose in life – I now want to start my own business.”

You can fool others to sanitize yourself, but please, stop fooling yourself. You know why you lost your job. I’ve facilitated redundancy programs for major corporates. Even in companies where up to 50% had to go home because of downsizing, they couldn’t off-load some employees. Their value was too high to lose them.
In life, we dismiss what we can afford to lose. We discard what we don’t have to keep. If they can fire you, they can afford to live without you. You can become indispensable and irreplaceable through your work ethic and problem-solving mindset. Most people run away from problems, and do the bare minimum to sustain their jobs, and then they wonder why they were laid off.
Every corporate organization exists to make profits. Unless they wound up that business, what criterion did they use to retain some employees? Why not purpose, if only one person will be retained, then you’re that person. Qualifications and skills may win you the job, your performance and humility will keep your job. If you were not sacked on non-performance, prove yourself in your own business.
Business is not a safe haven for job losers. If you were sacked because of non-performance, you will fail in business. If you couldn’t perform with supervision, what makes you think you’ll perform with no supervision? Never be fired from a job. If you want to succeed in business, resign from your job after being recognized as the employee of the year. Running your own business is a higher calling. Your self-drive must outperform every obstacle.

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