Why should you be so busy and so broke?

It doesn’t make any sense to rise up early and go home late empty handed – year in, year out! If you left college under three years ago, I can understand you’re still trying to get your bearing.

But seriously – you are in your thirties, forties, fifties – busy and broke! You can’t repeat the same work patterns indefinitely and expect different results in your pocket.

Pause and reflect critically before you hit this year running all over again. Don’t confuse motion for progress. Don’t mistake movement for meaning. Activities that don’t generate results are meaningless.

If it hasn’t worked for five years, there’s something you need to fix. Re-strategizing is part of winning. You can change a turbulent course without changing destination.

If you really don’t know what you need to fix, get a life coach whom you can afford. Asking for direction is wisdom. I’ve had CEOs of multinational corporations book me for executive coaching.

Dr. K. N. Jacob

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