The Buffalo Hunter returns…Timing is the Wisdom of the Hunt.

Knowing what to do, and how to do it, is extremely important. And yet there is one more thing: when to do it! Throughout my business career, I have always had to deal with three things: What must I do? How must I do it? When is the right time?

If you are smart, the questions “What must I do?” and “How must I do it?” really should come quite easily. You must be methodical and analytical. You must act in an intelligent way, taking into consideration your education, skills, research, advise from others and so on.

What about “When must I do it?” That will take all your smarts. And one more thing: With timing, you cannot rush, and you cannot procrastinate either!

Young people are likely to rush and make a mess, and older people are likely to procrastinate in the paralysis caused by often obsolete experience!

Wisdom resides neither in the rush of youth, nor in the experience of the aged.

There are times you are going to be called upon to be patient, and there are times you are going to be called upon to wait. The other day (the sage) Bishop TD Jakes told us in Chicago that the Wright Brothers knew what to do to get the first airplane airborne, and they knew how to do it, but several times they had to wait “until the wind was right”!

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When you have worked out exactly what you must do, and how you must do it, then focus on timing. Ask yourself “if the wind is right”?

ProductPeople, and Process can build a big business, but Timing will decide whether you take off successfully or not.


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