The EADfix Mobile App Developed by Ghanaian developers Connects Customers to Credible Service Providers

Workplaces around the world will need to adjust to a new normal to keep people safe and businesses running smoothly. It is against this background that EAD Group of Companies has combined their strategic insights and operational knowledge to create a service platform that connects verified service providers to customers, for their daily needs. EADfix is Registered under the EAD Group of Companies.

Speaking to Wundef.com, the CEO of EAD Group of Companies, Emmanuel Gyau-Addo said EADfix App came at the right time to ease the burden of Ghanaians.

“Realizing that both consumers and businesses are struggling in an economic recession, we had to find a way to serve those sufferers specifically, with different pricing structure or new opportunities they can leverage to make it through”, he said.








“In a recession, people will make hard choices about what to cut out of their lives. If you can give them a more cost-efficient alternative to what they’re cutting out, you’ll stand to win big and that has been our mantra in this few weeks”, he added.

Using the EADfix App, service providers are smoothly connected to customers. The EADfix App improves both customer and service providers’ satisfaction while keeping them protected in a safe business environment. EADfix has designed an environment and structure that will encourage productivity and respect for customers and fellow employees. EAD Group of Companies officially launched the EADfix App on the 1st of May, 2020 and opened to the Ghanaian public. Once on the app, customers have the opportunity to choose between various service providers such as Waste management companies, Energy Companies, Repairers, Construction workers, Security Services, Marketing companies, Cleaning Companies, Transportation Companies, Healthcare officers, Home-care Services, Event Management Companies, Real estate agents, Delivery Companies and Food vendors.









“With a strong partnership between the EAD Group of Companies and service providers, we can fix the world together”, Emmanuel Gyau-Addo, the CEO of EAD Group of Companies said.  They have currently employed 12 people.

In Ghana, the total registered businesses were reported at 802,176 in 2003 and 16,262,456 people between the ages of 15 – 65 as of July 2018 and it is their target to work with more than 2 million people in the next five years using their services.


EAD Group of Companies has bigger plans for the future, which means they need big support from rock-solid partners interested in building a new generation of business and services with its EADfix App which is necessary to compete and thrive in the global marketplace.

Download the app via the links below:

User’s app



Service provider’s app



For more information or suggestion kindly get in touch with them on

+233(0)591416660 Emmanuel Gyau-Addo

0204831553  Ernest Nana Yaw Obeng




EAD Group of Companies

Numo Batholome Kotey Djane St. EAST legon

+233 (0) 27 045 0011




Online Presence

www.eadgoc.com / www.eadfix. com

EADfix / Eadgoc on all social media handles ( FB, IG, LinkedIn )


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